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InoWood technologija

InoWood wood-plastic composite material composition, expressed as a percentage, 50 percent  wood fiber (flour) and 50 percent of the plastic (PVC) with various additives (lubricants, fungicides, antioxidants, UV filters, stabilizers). Such a composition leads to increased resistance to moisture, mechanical damage, mold, fire.   




Over the years, it noted that only the management of as many processes as well as the participation in them reached the desired result, and almost the entire production process (from raw material production to the final product) to monitor and control the same.


Service & Consulting

InoWood servisas konsultacijos

Knowledge and just a matter of judgment without a doubt a very important and necessary consultant  – a specialist in your area, advice and tips. Our team is always ready to help you and answer all your questions in a convenient location. In case of need – we do agree and come to you for advice.




Select and purchase any InoWood wood-plastic composite products you do not have to spend extra time to transport your cargo. Our  proposals – experienced drivers and a specially adapted vehicle.




Everyone does what he knows best, and experienced a number of years working with InoWood brand masters will come to you and install your recreation corner , we usually call the terrace. You do not care about where to look than necessary, although the usual tools, or to waste your precious time. So, if you’ve decided on a simple installation process InoWood terraces transfer professionals, please contact us.